A Capri On The Road


A quick rendezvous with the incredibly beautiful Kaziranga, also a home to the Single-horned Indian Rhino.

While exploring the sanctuary of Pobitora, I accidentally bump into the extra-ordinary ‘magic land’ not known to many..

In the evergreen forests of Hollongpar, lies the world of the Hoolock Gibbons – the only ape-specie found India..

Singalila is undoubtedly a paradise for birders. One can explore the ravines and forests by pitstopping at a small village called Dhotrey on the outskirts of the region or cover it while trekking to Sandakphu. It is also home for the endangered Red  Panda(though you need to be favoured by extreme good luck to spot one!). Below are 34 species of birds I found during my trek. My pics below also include record shots. Do visit… Read More