A Capri On The Road


I stepped out of my rickshaw, baffled! Banaras was just like any other tertiary Indian city – dusty, chaotic and unorganised. Vehicles ran in all possible directions, honking uncontrollably; surpassing my decibel limits. While walking down the ultra-lean gallees leading to my hostel, I stopped every once in a while to admire the rustic charm of the oldest living cities in the world! ‘Bunkedup Hostel’ seemed more like an extension of a small, dilapidated… Read More

Exploring the other side of Chikmagalur

Karnataka is an oasis of spectacular coast lines, lush forests, breath taking mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls and a plethora of temples and heritage sites. Though I’ve traveled the length and breadth of this picturesque state over the last few years, my odyssey still continues. There are paths still left to be  traversed and places still waiting to be explored. In the meanwhile, here is my one-stop blog of 24 destinations in Karnataka… Read More

I should have trusted the unpredictable weather forecast for once. The torrential rains that lashed all day had transformed into a mad thunderstorm by night. I lay staring at the ceiling fan above my head, trying hard to be oblivious to the commotion outside. It was 11.30 pm; I looked outside the window of my room, only to find a street buzzing with honking vehicles and desperate devotees trying to seek shelter… Read More

My cuppa @ 1730 feet! The jeep arrived at 4 am at our homestay in the quaint village of Suryanelli. Shivering under our jackets, we embarked on our ride towards Kolukkumalai on a chilly December morning under the canopy of a pitch dark sky that glittered with diamonds. After about two kms of driving on tar road, our vehicle took to first gear. A few jeeps ahead of us tossed, jerked and… Read More