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The adrenaline rush of witnessing an ancient sport up-close!

Exploring the other side of Chikmagalur

Karnataka is an oasis of spectacular coast lines, lush forests, breath taking mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls and a plethora of temples and heritage sites. Though I’ve traveled the length and breadth of this picturesque state over the last few years, my odyssey still continues. There are paths still left to be  traversed and places still waiting to be explored. In the meanwhile, here is my one-stop blog of 24 destinations in Karnataka… Read More

“Good morning, my name is Anand, but everyone calls me Coffee!” exclaimed Anand- the excited autowalah who came to pick us up at Hospet station on the gloomy morning of September. “I drink a lot of coffee and so my friends started calling me so, and now, no one calls me Anand anymore mam.” Coffee’s accentuated English was unexpected, but not surprising, as Hampi is a major attraction and an important Unesco… Read More

My last blog “Hypnotism at Hampi” gave insights about planning a trip to Hampi. Read here : Hypnotism at Hampi This blog is an extension with more travel agendas around Hampi. Day 3: Anegundi is a sleepy hamlet on the other side of Tungabhadra, away from the hustle and bustle of Hampi. I did not intend to climb the Monkey hill unlike most tourists. While waiting for the boat to take us to the… Read More